Turn On Your Sources of Financial Abundance

– Reality based plan for your financial affluence


Dear Kindred Spirit of Abundance,



Have you been thinking about how to be financially secure?

And, stay on track with what makes you happy?


You are not alone…

Most of us want to be financially secure. And, really happy above all else.

In fact, we’re a pretty wise group of individuals. We have our priorities straight in life. We know, for example, that building wealth just makes sense over the long haul.

Money isn’t everything, but it is important to our health and well-being and even our survival. It helps us feel safe and secure in the world.

In so many conversations with people who are experiencing money stress of all sorts, we have noticed some patterns.

We hear it in your words and in the tone of your voice. Financial security and abundance feel out of reach on a lot of days, is that right?

Often, there’s confusion about what’s going on with money, because you’re trying so hard to change it.

Lost and Confused Signpost

Your feelings are understandable…the frustration, the anxiety, the doubt, the fears.

The bottom line – many of you say that you just need to make more money now…to be financially secure.

Sometimes you wonder out loud if you could curb spending a little bit or change it up.

Then, there’s the debt that creeps up over time. You worry about how to pay it off.

You cringe at the thought of paying that next large or unexpected bill.

Some of you have come into an inheritance or windfall of cash. Or,  you’ve done a good job at putting some of your hard earned money aside.

And, now you’re not sure what to do with the money you have. You don’t want to make a mistake and lose it.

Plus, you feel pressured by well-meaning individuals in your life, who want you to take their advice over what you feel is right.

When there’s a struggle going on about money, let’s not forget all the unfulfilled hopes and dreams that go out the window too.

We get it. Money is a really charged subject!!

Of course, we all have great uses for our money. It’s easy to get excited about having more money to do things like:

  • Pay off credit cards and other debt
  • Buy a new home
  • Build an investment portfolio
  • Fund a retirement plan
  • Put capital into a business
  • Pay for higher education
  • Sock away some money for fun
  • Support our favorite nonprofit or cause
  • Travel to our heart’s content

By upping our financial abundance, the opportunities for us to improve the quality of our life, the lives of our loved ones, and to make the world a better place are as diverse as we are :)

The #1 thing that limits us from having the financial security and abundance we want and being happy is quite frankly…our self :(

No surprise, right?

Coming right out and saying this could rattle you a bit, but it’s not your fault.


Business woman with arrows and questions sign above isolated on white background

How could you possibly know how to create financial abundance, if you haven’t actually learned how to do it, and you don’t know where to look for blind spots to abundance??


Typically, we learned about money and finances from our family of origin and other experiences in life.

Kindred spirits of abundance often know what to do about their financial situation. For a lot of reasons, however, they are not following through.

To further put the whole shebang into perspective, consider this –


Coming into adulthood, most of us were not prepared to make financial decisions.
Never mind this newer concept that we can “create abundance.”

If you think about it, there are some similarities here to becoming a parent.

Many parents never read a manual about parenting before the blessed event occurs. They learn about parenting as their child develops.

Learning about how money works in the world and creating a life of financial abundance is kind of like an experience of parenthood.

Parents that have some self-awareness will usually realize that they also need to “grow up” with their children. As the children experience different stages of development, their needs and wants change, and parents need to make adjustments about how they parent.

Likewise, it’s beneficial for us to “grow” with experiences in life that affect our finances and our level of financial abundance. We can do this by acquiring the skills we need to make noticeable differences in our finances.

Our desire to help you do just that is what led us to create our upcoming abundance program and we’re pleased to introduce you to it now:

TURN ON Your Sources of Financial Abundance

– Reality based plan for your financial abundance

What you’re going to find here is a unique approach that teaches you “hard” money skills and “soft” relational skills that will positively affect your relationship with money and your level of abundance overall.

Together, the blend of these skills will set you on your path to financial abundance. This program is uniquely designed for you and with you to:

coin Turn you on to your inner Source of Abundance, showing you how to connect with that soft voice of truth within and listen to your inner wisdom. (Nudge: you know more about creating abundance than you may think you do.)

coin Teach you powerful tools that propel you with ease and simplicity to create real sources of abundance, bringing out in you what you’ve always known, but somehow got tripped up on following through.

coin Empower you to be financially savvy and successful, helping you to track the flow of your money so that you can build your net worth.

We plan to tailor this program to your needs and because we’re doing that, we can’t possibly list all the ways that you can potentially benefit from it.

We’re going to really dig in together though. You’ll discover a whole lot more benefits than the basics we’re listing here. There’s so much more to the picture than you realize right now. We want to assure you that at a bare minimum you will learn to:

  • Find the critical missing pieces that have been blocking you from receiving financial abundance and transform them to support you instead.
  • Connect with your inner Source of Abundance that has your best interests in mind and stands ready to guide you to abundance.
  • Raise your vibrational relationship with money so that you are elevated to a higher level of magnetic attraction.
  • Keep track of your finances in a way that is doable and manageable for you so that you can pay off debt, have money for an abundant lifestyle, and be happy.
  • Figure out just a few key “numbers” that will empower you to be a good steward of your money and take better care of it, further building your wealth.

“Finally, I understand that when I have a lot of ideas and I’m looking into more than one at a time, that’s ok and natural for me. It’s how I gain clarity to know what is best for me. My opportunities to make money, doing what I love and what I’m good at are happening now, because with your help I learned how to manifest them!”
~ Rosalyn Adams, Director of Marketing & Consulting, Ravenel, SC


Who this abundance program is for

This program is a response to the patterns we’ve been seeing and hearing about from those who understandably want to increase their level of financial abundance.

But, at the same time they want and need to be watchful about their finances. They want an affordable option to the higher investment required for months of private coaching.

However, they also want to still be supported with private coaching.

Plus…and this an important piece…

They recognize that shifting what is going on in their lives with their finances and ability to create abundance…is realistically going to take more than a “quick fix” of a few private sessions.

Or, an information product that sits on a shelf or just feels too overwhelming to even go through.

It’s natural to ask – now what?
We want to help you move on from wondering what’s next!
Snap out of it, really!

We don’t want you to feel that it’s either this or that…we want you to know that you can have it all.

You can get the personalized attention you need and want. You can benefit from the dynamics, energy and ideas of a group format, and you can have the reference materials and recordings typically found in an information product.

Most of all, you can have all of this and more at an affordable price!

No doubt, you’ve figured out by now that this abundance program is for you if you want:

  • Private coaching that addresses your unique wants and needs.
  • Access to group energy, ideas, and experiences that help you to move forward.
  • Support that you know you need for the long haul, which can sustain the shifts and changes in the months ahead.
  • An affordable option that is doable and makes sense.
Is this a fit for you? Please take in a few deep breaths. 
Check in with your all knowing self. We want you to honor 
yourself and we honor your choices...

Spinning Wheels, Stuck or Stopped


What you need to know about us


Hi, this is Deb Lindholm and Pat Garvey here, and we want to thank you for your interest in this reality based plan for your financial abundance.

Deborah Lindholm, MACPMoney Success Coach

Following a successful career as a CPA, banker, psychotherapist, and entrepreneur several times over, I (Deb) found my path and purpose as a Financial Therapist and Strategist, and Abundance Coach.

After all the years of dealing with money, the ups and the downs, the easy times and the hard times, I can say that I definitely learned tons about myself and money. But, like parenting and now as a grandparent, I realize that this learning about me and money has no end. As long as I’m here breathing, money will still take its place in some way in my life and so the learning continues as well.

I am overjoyed to share what I’m learning and to help you create real financial abundance. And, I’m grateful that I continue to learn so much from each of you, too!


My (Pat’s) experience and training as an R.N., Wholeness Life Coach, Counselor, and Intuitive Healing Facilitator helps me to help you discover what’s going on beneath the surface with your financial situation. I can help you move past all of that so that you can feel happy, safe and secure in your life and in the relationships that you value.

My money story has zigged and zagged so many ways that sometimes I feel like I’ve been a character in a few different movies. I know what it’s like to be wealthy. And, I also know what it’s like to struggle in the lean times. Not a pretty picture. Throughout it all, I’ve learned some practical things about money and I’ve learned to deal with judgment and criticism and being hard on myself.

I bring great compassion and understanding to my work. I look forward to helping you to create a wonderfully abundant life!

A few other things for you to know about us is that we each have advanced degrees in counseling, multiple coursework and certifications in energy therapies, and life and group coaching experience and credentials.

Training and experiences of this caliber allow us to be your ideal guides. We can model and teach you the soft relational skills for improving your abundance. The way we teach and interact with you will open you up to receiving  more abundance.

Empowering and valuable soft skills are ushering in a new financial paradigm.
We see the evidence all around us. More of us are creating real financial abundance this way.
  The new paradigm positively impacts how money works in our lives and in the world.

Deb’s hard skills as a successful entrepreneur and financial expert coupled with Pat’s soft skills  mean that together, we can offer you a highly effective level of abundance coaching.

We’ve both been on the journey we’re about to guide you through. We continue to grow personally while growing our opportunities to be financially secure and abundant. To repeat, we “get it.”

And, we are professionally trained in confidentiality standards and ethics. We will absolutely provide you with a safe environment to explore what’s going on and what’s on your mind. This piece is missing or taken casually in a lot of programs out there and it drives us crazy to see that going on.

We’ll treat you with a high degree of professionalism and give you the TLC you want. We’ll back this up by providing a structure that promotes real financial abundance. These two parts mean that you’re getting the whole enchilada, not just a few bites.


“After EFT/tapping experiences with you, I felt energetically freer about my livelihood and money. Before, I felt fragmented and I couldn’t use the word “spiritual” with money and business. Now that feels integrated.  I love the nuts and bolts, practical things we’ve talked about too.”
~ Laura Kay Greiner, Holistic Health Coach, Greenville, SC


Details of the upcoming abundance program


We’re taking up to 10 people in the program. There’s a limit because we need to give you our full attention. We want to give you the personal attention you each need.

The program will run for 4 months and during the 16 weeks, this is what you will receive:

  • 8 Private One Hour Coaching Sessions
  • 8 One Hour Group Coaching Sessions
  • All group sessions will be recorded for your convenience and in case you are unable to be on a group call
  • Handouts, forms, scripts, and other printed material are given to you for your reference
  • BONUSMoney Success Shortcuts self-study program (packed with goodies, including Deb’s eBook and valuable EFT/tapping scripts to get you started)
  • Surprise gift of books, dvd’s or other items

YOUR tuition for the program is $1,250. This breaks down to $312.50 a month for 2 private coaching sessions and 2 group coaching sessions each month. We trust you can check the math and see it’s a whopping good deal at $78 per hour of actual contact time with us. That doesn’t include any price allotted to the bonus and other goodies.

PLUS, when you pay in full, you will be entitled to an additional 1 hour private session with Pat or Deb before or after the program period. The value of this session is $175, which is our regular hourly rate. A savings of another 14%. That’s an even better deal, right?

Please allow us now to score some points with you about the value of our program. You see, it’s really important to us that we offer a really good program for a price that you can afford.

If you were to hire a financial planner to help you figure out the nuts and bolts of building your wealth, you can expect to pay in the range of $150-$300 an hour. A total fee could average out to be $1,800-$2,400.

For an investment advisor or broker that charges a fee as opposed to a commission, you will usually pay $250-$500 per hour. Their total annual fees can easily range from $3,000-$5,000.

You may need to hire a bookkeeper to track all of your money, if you have a business. Their fees average $30-$70 an hour. For a sole proprietorship, that could easily mean $1,200 or more a year for bookkeeping.

Add to that, the services of a CPA to do tax planning and prepare your tax returns. Their rates can be diverse, but average from $175-$300 per hour. The result is that your tax return could cost $500-$1,500 to prepare.

Depending upon the size of your business, the total fees for a bookkeeper and CPA could run into thousands of dollars a year.

Now, these are all valuable services that you may or may not need at this time. If you were to hire a team like this, you’re looking at an outlay of $6,500 a year.

Sorry to throw all these figures at you, but it’s part of what’s needed on your way to becoming financially savvy.

The question right now is –

Will you walk away from working with any of these professionals
…and know how to create real financial abundance…
no matter what your current level of wealth is or is not??

We are offering our program because most likely you will not learn how to create financial abundance from any of these other very capable financial professionals. Typically, they are only effective once you have have built up enough financial assets for them to work with.

By completing our program, you will learn how to create real financial abundance and benefit from smart tips along the way that you would get from these types of financial professionals.

We’re offering you this unique blend of support for a really good price of $1,250.

Why would we give all of this to you for only $1,250? The answer is simple – we know what it’s like to need help and feel like the help you need and want is out of your reach.

It’s our goal to make this doable for you.

With that in mind, we want you to know that the value of our program calculates out to be $4,300 when we apply our regular hourly rate of $175 an hour. That’s a real figure. We will never inflate the value of what we offer, because we have integrity when it comes to numbers.

What this means is that the time and resources that we are investing in this program as our gift to you amounts to $3,050. That’s a significant gift of abundance that we are giving you to activate your flow of financial abundance immediately :)

We mean it…we know the power of activating abundance. And, we really want to make this affordable, if it’s a fit for you.

The beginning date for the program is coming up fast…are you ready to go forward?

Program Dates: Sorry – this program has completed for this year. For more information, email Deb here: deb@moneysuccesssource.com

Times for Group Sessions: Will be determined.

Times for Private Sessions: To be scheduled by you and your facilitators, Deb and Pat.

An important note – We realize that it’s human nature to have all kinds of reasons why it is not possible or it’s inconvenient to take action.  It’s been our experience and observation that many of us do not follow through in the New Year on our intentions to make changes and achieve the goals we set.

Year after year of little or no follow through and waning commitment to our goals can make us feel like we’re frozen in the movie, “Ground Hog Day,” waking up to the same reality over and over again.

We’re breaking the rules and going against the grain.
We’re going to get you on track before the New Year starts, ok?
Join us in waking up to a NEW reality!!


Attracting Abundance


Join our program and make this commitment to yourself and your bright financial future now!
Make it a part of your budget before your holiday shopping starts. AND, you’ll be giving yourself a precious gift!


Yes, I’m ready for financial abundance!
I’d like to pay in full for the 4 months and receive an extra private session
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I prefer to pay monthly over the 4 months
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“I had an “aha.” I realized that my best mindset is to decide what I want to come to me. So, NOW I’m better about noticing what shows up and responding to it in the right way for me. There’s been an uptick in my money flows of about 263% so far this year. There’s been a vibrational change too. I wanted a reboot and I’ve gotten it!” ~ Jamee Culbertson, Alexander Technique, Chi Kung Instructor, Video Artist  http://www.AllAboutFlow.com Woburn, MA

Woman with her money

Yes, I’m ready for financial abundance!
I’d like to pay in full for the 4 months and receive an extra private session
Register now by clicking the "Buy Now" button below

I prefer to pay monthly over the 4 months
Register now by clicking the "Subscribe" button below

Before we close, we want to check in about something….

It’s hard to ask for help, right? It can be hard to admit that you need help. And, it can be hard to receive help.

It can be even harder to pay for it!! Until desperation sets in and you’ll do almost anything.

We’re asking you to please set those worries aside right now. Because, I (Deb) am a master when it comes to finding ways to pay for things, build wealth and create an abundant life.

But, you’ve got to want it, naturally.

And, we can only help you if you let us. We’re here to help you so talk to us and share what’s on your mind, if any of these worries come up.

Or, if you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to email Deb and we can set up a time to chat, ok?

Deb’s email: deb@moneysuccesssource.com

We’d love for you to join us in this abundance program and start enjoying a financially abundant life!

Abundance Always & All Ways,
Deb Lindholm, Financial Therapist & Strategist
Pat Garvey, Wholeness Life Coach