Spinning Wheels, Stuck or Stopped in Your Tracks?

We all want to go forward, right?

Spinning Wheels, Stuck or Stopped

When you have sound financial goals year after year and you’re getting nowhere or it seems harder than it should be, it’s possible that blind spots are sabotaging your good intentions.

If a money blind spot is stalling you out, no business degree or past experience or even hard work will guarantee your success.

To find blind spots, look for a pattern or a trend in your behavior that is counter-productive when it comes to making or managing your money.

You know when you are consistently doing something that consistently brings you the wrong results, do you agree?

Begin to notice those situations where you may feel like you’re spinning your wheels in mud. Stuck maybe. Even stopped in your tracks.

But, we are talking about blind spots here…. so many of us often need help with this piece. I certainly did.

Here’s a tip to get you started and moving forward – write down your positive and negative beliefs about money. This exercise can reveal some blind spots that may be holding you back or sabotaging your progress.

Use any format to unearth your limiting beliefs such as: “What I know about money is__________.” Or, use a variation. Now fill in the blank and write down your answers.

For example:

  1. I know that money can make me happy.
  2. I know that more money will solve my problems.
  3. I know that money changes people.
  4. I know that money corrupts.
  5. I know that it takes money to make money.
  6. I know that money can make people act like jerks.
  7. I know that it feels good to give away money.
  8. I know that I make sacrifices with money for others.
  9. I know that I feel guilty if I have more money than I need.
  10. I know that I have to work hard for money.
  11. I know that I’m not good with money.
  12. I know that I struggle with money.

Let it flow or let it rip. Let all the beliefs that you have about money come to the surface.

  • Then, consciously ask yourself some questions to go deeper:
  • “Is this really true?”
  • “Is this true all the time?’’
  • “How does this belief show up in my life?”
  • “Does this belief support me in my goals?”

The purpose here is for you to become conscious about money beliefs that are negative, contradictory or blindside your goals. That way, you can let go of the negative, clarify any contradictions, and choose empowering supportive beliefs instead.

If this seems too hard or confusing to do, you may need outside help to discover your blind spots and clear them.

Reach out to a financial therapist or coach so that you can get on track to attract your financial abundance naturally.

The key is having a willingness to grow personally and your financial situation will grow healthier too.

© Deborah A. Lindholm

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