Are You Clear about What You Want from Money?

What do you really want from your money?

Are You Clear About What You Want From Money?

It’s important that you clearly and consciously know what you want from your money.

For a few key reasons:

#1. In practical terms, being clear about what you want from money, including the physical comforts and lifestyle you want, is directly tied to your financial goals.

What kind of lifestyle do you want? Take a moment to think about the material stuff of life that money pays for and the quality of life that you want.

How much will it take for you to earn annually to have an abundant and fulfilling lifestyle? Unless you like getting into detail, come up with an estimate of what the dollar amount might be.

You won’t be able to have the lifestyle you really want, if you don’t know what you’re actually aiming for. Sound reasonable?

#2. From a spiritual perspective, the Universe responds to your thoughts and emotions, bringing you what you focus on whether it’s coming from your conscious mind or your subconscious thoughts.

It’s the Law of Attraction. Like bread and butter go together, the Universe will bring you what you primarily focus on. You know, the whole “thoughts create things” reality.

Our positive and negative emotions add fuel to our positive and negative thoughts. Which combination gets us the best results and feels the best?

You know this:

Positive Thoughts + Positive Emotions = Best Results

In a wondrous way, our emotions act like a guidance system, letting us know if we are on the right track by how we feel. In this view, negative emotions are not bad, because they give us valuable information.

But, we do need to notice when they are present so that we can make a choice about what we want and the emotion can be acknowledged, felt, and released.

If you’re unclear or you have blind spots, your thoughts will be all over the place and inconsistent, sending mixed messages to the Universe.

And, most likely your emotions will be in the “I’m not feeling so good” range.

You’ll know when this is going on because it will show up in unsettling ways in your financial affairs and in your life too.

If your financial situation is less than ideal, then your emotional state is probably also on the downside and pesky blind spots are likely to be interfering with your intentions to improve the situation.

Here’s an option that will give you a quick way to get clarity about what you want and help you shine light on blind spots:

Learn and use EFT

EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, is also called “Tapping.” As a proven way to reduce stress, including financial stress, EFT is quick and easy to learn.

EFT can help you feel empowered about an abundant and fulfilling lifestyle, supporting you to go forward with more confidence, if that’s what you want.


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