About Deborah Lindholm

Deborah Lindholm, MACP

Deborah Lindholm, MACP
Financial Therapist & Strategist

It’s true…many of us have money blind spots.
If we could see through our blind spots, we’d take care of it immediately, right?

When you have a money blind spot, no business degree or past experience or even hard work will guarantee your success.

I’ve learned to be on the lookout for blind spots, embrace a higher relationship with money, and remain willing to grow personally to manifest the success I enjoy.

My Money Challenge

Several years ago when one of my businesses fizzled and our medical expenses skyrocketed and we lost mega money from an investment, I spent a lot of time being hard on myself.

I should have known better.

As an entrepreneur for over 25 years, my business skills are sharp. I had built, merged, and sold a half dozen 5-6-7 figure businesses.

My background as a CPA, banker and entrepreneur served me well. Until, none of that could fix what was unfolding.

Blind Spots

My relationship with money and my beliefs about money were being challenged – I discovered I had blind spots.

Deep inside my subconscious mind, I uncovered a major belief that I was not worthy to have all the money I had. Huh? That seemed kind of crazy to me considering I do hold a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology!

Negative emotions got the best of me for a while.

I temporarily lost faith. Faith in myself and in God, Source and the Universe, which I lump all together here to simplify.

Thankfully, what is discovered can be transformed by new choices, consistent follow through, and faith. Gradually I upgraded my beliefs to positive ones, putting this money challenge behind me.

Higher Discovery

The money challenge brought me more than one benefit. It awakened me to my mission AND a higher relationship with money.

Money-Manifesto-product-imageInspiration followed in the form of The Money Manifesto for Uplifting Your Relationship with Money. Join us above or get started here and receive the manifesto plus other goodies for creating a healthy and beneficial relationship with money. I’m offering you this because your relationship with money can hurt you or help you.

I found that out the hard way.

Now, I clearly see that the source of my money and business success has always been there.


With a clean slate, I’ve combined my business skills and my background as a psychotherapist to fulfill a heartfelt passion – as a Financial Therapist and Strategist.

Mostly, I work with women who want to succeed in business and manage their money so that it multiplies and builds their wealth.

I work with men too, but you have to be on the same page with me guys.

To help you succeed, I teach you The Money Success Formula, which includes leading-edge personal development tools and pragmatic resources. This formula gently cuts through the frustration and insecurity around money and business matters that eat up your bottom line.

The Money Success Formula supports you in growing with your business as your business grows.

Think Outside the Shoebox

For simple and easy record-keeping no matter what size business you have, I am a big fan of  Deductr.

I love how this app can save you money on taxes, track your revenue and expenses, your mileage, and even how you spend your time.

It’s the easiest way that I know about (in my entire career) to keep track of those tax deductions that you are entitled to take.


Certified-QuickBooks-ProAdvisor-WebAs a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor, I can also offer you specialized Money Management Services that show you how to improve your bottom line.

You probably realize by now that your bottom line matters in many ways, but you have to know what that number is, right?


Open Invitation

Your bottom line does matter both personally and financially in ways that go beyond the obvious. So, I like to get at your bottom line by mixing it up with my methods.

The methods I use in my Money Power and Success Programs are diverse. As a highly skilled Financial Therapist and Strategist and Abundance Coach, I may use financial tools, coaching methods, counseling and advanced training in Human Design, EFT, NLP, SVH®, hypnosis, PSYCH-K™, guided visualization, meditation, mediation and more to help you achieve your goals.

Blending business skills and financial tools with personal empowerment methods brings you a higher level of money coaching and business mentoring. That means you make more money and take better care of it.

When you’re ready to move through your blind spots and improve your bottom line, I invite you to enroll in a Money Power and Success Program right now.

Small Mention

fearless-fridays_bookI co-authored a book, “How the Fierce Handle Fear”, writing the chapter Who Do You Share Fear With? That’s my chubby little face next to “The Donald” on the cover. It makes me smile to see him sandwiched between Jack Canfield and moi.

In this book, I learned that even Donald Trump, Jack Canfield, Frank McKinney, Debbie Phillips and a host of other thought leaders, experience fear just like everyone else. That’s sustained me more than once.



Personal Notes

My husband, Michael, and I like to make our home in 2 places. So part of the year, we hang out in Vermont where Michael was born. He’s the love of my lives so I will follow him.

Plus, I have cherished family and friends in New England, New York and New Jersey.


At other times, we migrate to the gorgeous Carolinas where my precious grandson, daughters, more family and dear friends also live. It always feels like home wherever they are.


Through global connections, I enjoy many wonderful relationships with powerful, self- aware women. I include my amazing daughters in that category.


Let’s Connect

No matter where I am, you can connect with me by scheduling your complimentary Money Success Booster Consultation.

I look forward to talking with you!