3 Simple Tips to Increase Financial Abundance

half full or half empty?Are you a glass half full type of person or a glass half empty?

How you answer that question is not just about being an optimist or a pessimist. 

It can also tell us if we are allowing abundance to flow our way or we are repelling it from an energetic or vibrational perspective.

The key is to open up and allow ourselves to receive abundance. You may find yourself thinking right now, “Well, of course, I’m open to receiving abundance!”

But, what if there’s a blind spot in you that repels abundance? Say, for example, you hold a belief that you’re not good enough to have a lot of money. That belief or blind spot will operate in the background of your life, affecting your choices and circumstances without you really being consciously aware of it.

As unbelievable as it sounds, that situation is fairly common. Many of us carry around a deep seated belief in our subconscious that we are unworthy and not good enough to have financial abundance.

The blind spot about being unworthy may show up in a variety of different ways. For example, maybe you allow yourself to receive and make a certain amount of money by a lot of people’s standards. However, you want to make more and it’s just not happening no matter how hard you try.

In this scenario, some of us have an unconscious “set point” about the amount of money we make. You know, similar to the set point that weight loss experts tell us about – that our bodies get accustomed and comfortable being at a certain weight and many efforts to change that set point end up failing or are unsustainable.

That can happen with the amount of money we allow ourselves to have in our life or make in our business.

How do we know if we have a money blind spot? Most of the time we become aware that we’re blocking financial abundance by experiencing a lack of money.

This can be a tough situation, but we can start to turn the lack of money into an abundance of it by taking a few small steps. Honesty is by far the best policy as the saying goes. Consider starting here by:

  1. Being honest about what’s going on – the simple act of acknowledging the truth is liberating.

  2. Being honest about one action you can take each day to turn the situation around – this helps to activate your energy or vibration in the direction that supports you rather than sabotages you.

  3. Being honest about getting some support or help to guide you through the situation – this can keep you on the right track and guide you through the rough spots.

Once we start being honest with ourselves about our situation, our capacity to receive abundance naturally opens up, because we become more open to receive abundance rather repel it. Opportunities show up that let us know we’re on the right track and it becomes easier to see that our glass is really half full.

© Deborah A. Lindholm

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