money-tree-smHave you been thinking about how to be financially secure?

And, stay on track with what makes you happy?

You are not alone…

Most of us want to be financially secure. And, really happy above all else.

Now is the time to

Turn On Your Sources of Financial Abundance

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Tap into Your Money Success Source

What if you had a formula that empowers you with abundance and teaches you to be smart with money?


Woman with her moneyThe Money Success Formula can light up your natural path to abundance. It was expertly designed to:

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  • Empower you to multiply and manage your money, by teaching you to be financially savvy.
  • Guide you to keep your money matters simple, by helping you to stay on track with what makes you happy.


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Deborah Lindholm, MACPMoney Success Coach

Deborah Lindholm, Financial Therapist & Strategist

“My career as a Financial Therapist and Strategist, Abundance Coach, CPA, banker and entrepreneur has taught me plenty about human nature, business and money over the past 25+ years.

I know about the pitfalls of being human and the joys! I know money!

And, I look forward to hearing from you and helping you to discover…

….what it’s like to be empowered and financially abundant!”

Money is Joy!